Welcome to the Course

Hello! Welcome to the first offering of this DMED Special Topics Course: Museums and Art Galleries in a Digital Age.

This course focuses on the issues and challenges when working with and thinking about digital technologies in memory institutions. These sites – like museums, galleries, libraries, archives, artist run centres (and more) – are places that often hold, keep, preserve, and make accessible historical documents, artworks, images, objects and more.

This course will explore how digital technologies have changed and challenged memory institutions in a variety of ways, and we’ll be reading the text “Re-collection: Art, New Media, and Social Memory” by Richard Reinhart and Jon Ippolito to guide us through topics that many memory institutions encounter.

The first class will be Friday, January 12th, held at the Centre for Digital Media at 1PM.

Please familiarize yourself with the course website and the readings on canvas and I will see you soon!


(Image: from TeamLab’s “What a Loving and Beautiful World (2017)” at the Traces of Words Exhibit at the Museum of Anthropology, Photo the author).


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